Monday, February 9, 2009

10 Universal Laws to Know

For as long as I can remember, one of the sayings I always used when I felt people where stuck in the past was to "think a new thought".     This was before I ever heard about the Law of Attraction or Universal Laws in general.  Little did I know I was on to something very foundational and basic when it came to creating what you want.  That little phrase went on to "brand" me not only as a "new thought leader" but as the leader who always encourages others to "think a new thought if you want to create a new reality".  

With that in mind, I will share with you a few basic Universal Laws I have come to know and understand that not only support the importance of "thinking a new thought" but the importance of understanding the rules of the universe if you want to be successful in the game of life.  More to come later........

Law of Thought  

Thought is the ultimate creative source. This law states that energy follows thought and those that wish to energize only need to direct their thoughts toward that, which needs energizing. One must keep in mind that every moment we are creating or altering our experiences through the power of our thoughts. The life we see and experience is a product of our thoughts, our beliefs, our attitudes, our notions, our visions, our intentions, our emotions, our feelings, our expectations, etc…. in other words, all that we think, speak and expect we create.

Law of Harmony

Everything in our universe, including us, is in a constant state of vibration, producing an orderly harmonious (or disharmonious) flow at all times. To be in harmony is to be in harmonic balance and agreement with the Universe. We all seek in one way or another to live in harmony, the supreme potential of balance. This law states that when we reach this harmonious state we often find ourselves tempted to try and force things “into” it versus finding ways to become in “flow” with what’s happening in our Universe. These disharmonious actions will create vibrations that often prevent the desired change or results we seek from taking place. To be in harmony is to be in the natural non-resistant flowing of the universe.

Law of Choice (or Empowerment)

We make choices every instant of our lives. We are empowered to choose our thoughts and thus our ultimate actions and experiences. This law states that we are co-creators with the Spirit and behind all that we create is pure energy. Through our thoughts and visions we create our own realities. We create what we want to have manifested by giving our attention to it. We can also remove from ours lives those things we no longer want to experience by removing our attention from it and refocusing our energy and thoughts somewhere else. The golden rule is where your thoughts go your energy flows.

Law of Courage

Courage is not about being fearless; it’s about facing fear with the right action. This law states that fear departs when action enters. Having courage is having the ability to not only face your fears, dangers and risks but to do so with the intention of diffusing those fears, dangers and risks. Therefore, one must balance the degree of courage needed in any situation in proportion to the degree of risk, danger and fear that exists and must be diffused.

Law of Respect

Respect is essential for true understanding and lasting relationships. This law states that looking for respect means going beyond the surface appearance and to search for a deeper meaning and purpose. Without the law of respect we would never be able to realize and appreciate the true beauty and potential that exists within those that we have the honor to meet in our lives.

Law of Attraction

Opposites don’t attract, like attracts like. This law states that you attract what you are, not what you are not. Opposites do not attract, as it is commonly believed, it is like energy that attracts like energy. Consider radio waves as an example. When you tune into a certain frequency, you attract that same frequency to come through via your radio. The same happens in life. When you focus on something, you attract into your life what you give your attention and focus to. Keep in mind, “as you are is what you attract and what you attract is as your are”.

Law of Karma

The Buddhist teaches that “for every event that occurs, there ill follow another event whose existence was caused by the first and this second event will be good or bad based on how skillful or unskillfully the cause was executed”. This law states that a result comes from deliberate action, either good or bad. Therefore, the responsibility for an action is born by the person who commits it. There is good karma and bad karma, both are a result of the actions, good or bad, taken by the one responsible.

Law of Dharma

Everyone has been gifted with a unique talent and purpose in life. This law states that we all have a unique path and purpose to fulfill in this life called by some “our destiny” and by others “our fate”. It is our quest in life to not only discover this unique talent but to use it “on purpose for a purpose”. It is about discovering your true self in order to live out your true-life mission.

Law of Vibration

Everything vibrates, nothing sits idle, not even you! This law states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion. Nothing in the universe rests and everything in the universe is always moving and this is the base for manifestation. Solid items, such as tables, chairs, cars, etc…. all vibrate at a very low frequency which is what causes them to appear solid. The rate of vibration determines the difference between the physical and the non-physical world we experience. Our thoughts and feelings are energy and they too vibrate. We attract like energy based on the vibrations emitted by our thoughts. This is how we manifest the physical in our world from the thoughts we give our attention to.

Law of Manifestation

Everything we see in our reality began as a thought. This law states that everything we manifest begins as a thought or idea. It is our ideas and our thoughts that create the beliefs we have which in turn create the reality we experience. In other words, “mind creates matter”. If you want to change your experiences or your reality, then you need to change your mind. Remember to “change the way you see things and the way you see things will change”.

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